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A family of travellers 28.03.2016
Bringing a vague idea to life 03.04.2016
Busy months of preparations 06.04.2016
Emotional turmoil before hitting the road 24.04.2016
Enjoying the last couple of days before our departure 30.04.2016
A long day - our arrival in the USA 01.05.2016
Meeting our camper van, trips to Oak Lawn and Evanston 02.05.2016
From the Great Lakes to the Mississippi and beyond 07.05.2016
Midwestern Road Side Philosophy 14.05.2016
Overcoming some technical hurdles 14.05.2016
Moving West and first camping experiences 17.05.2016
Meeting different cultures – recent and past 18.05.2016
Under the starry sky of Utah 22.05.2016
Taking it easy at Lake Powell 27.05.2016
Arizona landscapes 30.05.2016
The heat and museums of Tuscon 06.06.2016
Birthday celebrations in Tombstone 12.06.2016
Heading into Mexico 12.06.2016
Getting to the Baja California 13.06.2016
Beaches and pools – life is beautiful in BCS 14.06.2016
Exploring La Paz and surroundings 23.06.2016
Summer solstice at the Tropic of Cancer 29.06.2016
Returning to our favourite spots – Loreto and Conception Bay 03.07.2016
Heading North to Coco’s Corner 03.07.2016
Bye bye Mexico & welcome to Southern California 12.07.2016
Celebrating the Fourth of July with friends 12.07.2016
Watching wildlife along California’s Central Coast 17.07.2016
Famous Highway Number 1 18.07.2016
Cable Cars and Bridges in the Bay Area 22.07.2016
Yosemite’s majestic mountains 23.07.2016
Mountains and deserts at incredible temperatures 29.07.2016
Summer splurge in Las Vegas 30.07.2016
Utah’s spectacular (& crowded) national parks 07.08.2016
The National Parks around Moab 13.08.2016
Driving towards the Grand Tetons 17.08.2016
Traffic jams in fascinating Yellowstone 31.08.2016
Through the Rockies on our way to the Pacific Northwest 01.09.2016
Islands and Ferries in the Pacific Northwest 03.09.2016
Cultural and natural highlights around Seattle 05.09.2016
Exploring the Olympic Peninsula with Janis 09.09.2016
Some last days in the US before heading to Canada 13.09.2016
Welcome to Canada 17.09.2016
Back home already? Germans everywhere 25.09.2016
Getting into the Canadian Rockies 29.09.2016
Rain and snow – hey, that was not the plan! 05.10.2016
Picture perfect Canadian Rockies 06.10.2016
Bye bye mountains, bye bye sightseeing 07.10.2016
Heading East along US Route 2 09.10.2016
Life in the cabin at the lake 11.10.2016
Back to the starting point and lots of good byes 15.10.2016
Maeva / Bienvenue / Welcome French Polynesia 17.10.2016
Perfect island paradise 19.10.2016
The classical honeymoon destination 26.10.2016
The sacred island 07.11.2016
Taking it easy in laid back Huahine 09.11.2016
Staying on a motu (a lagoon islet) 13.11.2016
Kia Orana / Hello Cook Islands 16.11.2016
The friendly Cook Islanders 25.11.2016
The ugly side of traveling: our journey to Western Australia 26.11.2016
Living on Broome time 29.11.2016
Exploring the Kimberley 03.12.2016
Nothing. Except endless bush, beaches, mines and stations 05.12.2016
The gorges of Karijini National Park 10.12.2016
From classical outback to the coast 12.12.2016
Kids, kangaroos and corals 16.12.2016
‘Blowember’ – a good time to meet other traveling families 21.12.2016
The dolphins of Shark Bay 27.12.2016
Sandy off road adventures 29.12.2016
Discovering history - windows into the past 31.12.2016
Bye, bye bush - hello town 03.01.2017
Around Perth 05.01.2017
In possum habitat 06.01.2017
Aussie Christmas 09.01.2017
Empty beaches – access with 4WD only 13.01.2017
Closing out a great year 2016 15.01.2017
Start into 2017 - more exciting than expected 17.01.2017
Time to relax for a couple of days 23.01.2017
A light filled apartment with city views 31.01.2017
Kia ora New Zealand 04.02.2017
Mountains and the sea 06.02.2017
Aoraki – the cloud piercer 09.02.2017
East coast towns 11.02.2017
The very South 13.02.2017
In sandfly habitat 21.02.2017
Westland or should we rather say Wetland? 25.02.2017
Pancakes, Blowholes, Rivers, Fern Trees, Seals and Eals 28.02.2017
What a pleasant rendezvous 02.03.2017
Living in a family home with great views 07.03.2017
Heading north via ferry ride and a real highway 10.03.2017
Volcanoes, thermal springs and geothermal energy 12.03.2017
It’s showtime! 14.03.2017
More thermal activity 16.03.2017
Beaches and Caves 19.03.2017
Saying good bye to Middle Earth 21.03.2017
A full week in Phnom Penh? Why that? 25.03.2017
Exploring Phnom Penh 26.03.2017
Cambodian countryside 28.03.2017
Temples in the jungle 02.04.2017
Impressive, but crowded temples 04.04.2017
Rooftop bars 11.04.2017
Feeling at home 13.04.2017
Namaste 15.04.2017
Nepali culture 17.04.2017
Adventurous roads in the mountains 23.04.2017
Trekking in the Himalayas 25.04.2017
Bye, bye 2073 and welcome to 2074! 02.05.2017
Last impressions of Nepal 14.05.2017
On spring break 16.05.2017
Pleasant weather in the world’s coldest capital 18.05.2017
No roadsigns in the steppe 21.05.2017
Changing plans 23.05.2017
Snowstorms in the desert 26.05.2017
Something is in the air 01.06.2017
Highlights of Central Mongolia 12.06.2017
Preparing for a long train ride 14.06.2017
Exploring the world's deepest lake 18.06.2017
Crossing Eastern Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad 25.06.2017
Bye, bye Asia – welcome Europe 01.07.2017
A -stan within Russia 11.07.2017
White nights of St. Petersburg 24.07.2017
Closing the circle - reunited with friends and family 13.08.2017
Back home 08.10.2017